My faqs



Do you follow by request?

Nope, but I will gladly check out ur blog if you ask :)

Do you unfollow?

Yes, if u are inactive, or I’m no longer interested in your posts, or there’s something disturbing in my blog.

Pls do not ask why I unfollow you.

Can you be a nominee for my BOTW/BOTM?

Nope, I’m not very interested.. It’s tiring and troublesome too.

I don’t do a BOTW or BOTM as well.

Do you promo for promo or promo by request?

well,really, it depends on my mood :) Sometimes I will promo if I really like your tumblr.

Where do you get ur photos from?

Mostly are reblogged, some from weheartit, some from deviantart or from random websites. None of the photos belongs to me,unless stated. I try to give credit to whoever the photos belongs to, but if you find that I never credit you properly, pls drop me a message in my Ask and I will gladly credit you.

I will gladly ans anything anon,or not. Just drop something in my ask :)

Do you have a tumblr family?

Yes, if interested, pls drop the position you want in my ask :) You can make up your own (as I have not put in empty slots), but pls tell me yea? :)

Enjoy my tumblr :)